Using a Smartphone Camera Lens Kit To Boost Your Photos

Looking for a clever, effective and inexpensive way to boost your photos on your smartphone? Pocket Pro HD might be the answer you’re looking for.

Smartphone lenses, which generally fit over you phone's lens, can expand the types of photos you shoot or videos you capture. These iPhone kits include lenses that let you get close-up details (macro), some that capture a 180-degree field of view (fisheye) and some that deliver expansive landscapes or scenes (wide-angle). There are even some telephoto lenses. The best investment you can make is to use your current camera as a DSLR Camera. DSLR Cameras are pricey! Why not use your cell phone to it's full potential!

A good photographer isn’t defined by their equipment but how they overcome limitations. Our cell phones have some of the best cameras ever developed and we are still stuck with a digital zoom. 

But now with innovation there's something new. Telescope Lens that fit right on your phone. We can finally overcome the lack of true functionality with our cell phone cameras. There are a number of purpose-built zoom lenses for smartphone photographers, designed solely to provide magnification without resorting to digital zoom or moving closer to your subject.

Taken with Pocket Zoom HD

One excellent example is the Pocket Zoom HD Original. This little piece of hardware gets you 8x closer to your subject. It's slightly more expensive then some of the others but can be easily carried around and provide relatively “crisp” images due to the high quality of the optics. Having the added manual zoom you are easily able to catch those distant memories before it's too late. 

Bottom Line

Let's be realistic: An add-on lens can really boost the value of your phone. No matter what the shot theirs an add on lens out their for you. The biggest gripe when add on lenses is they have to be perfectly aligned. If not you'll see part of the black housing in the picture. This is such a small down fall to the potential pickets you can take it's not even worth sweating! 

Our tests found that external lenses can really expand the kinds of photography you can do with an iPhone. They're fun, they're fairly affordable, and the best of them do decidedly better than a phone's native digital zoom, which inevitably degrades image quality. If you understand what you're getting, these lenses can be a good investment.


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